Ziehl-Abegg AG

74653 Künzelsau, Germany
+49 (0)7940 16-0
+49 (0)7940 16-677

Webseite: www.ziehl-abegg.com

Distribution area: worldwide,

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Type of company: Manufacturer,

The company Ziehl-Abegg was founded in 1910. Ziehl-Abegg has developed an outstanding image and became market leader in important areas, such as elevator drive production, motor production, fans and control systems, all at a high qulality standard.

  • Products & Services
Internal rotor motors
Centrifugal fans
Frequency changers
Crossl-flow fans
External Rotor Motors
Lift motors
Explosion proof fans
Medium-pressure fans
Axial fans
Duct fans
Clean air fans
Tube fans
Extraction fans
Exhaust fans
Extractor fans
Medium-pressure fans
Built-in fans
Cooling fans
Lift motors
Axial roof fans