VAG-Armaturen GmbH

Carl-Reuther-Str. 1
68305 Mannheim , Germany
+49 (0)621 749-0
+49 (0)621 749-291000


Distribution area: worldwide,

Correspondence: Français Français, Español Español, English English, Deutsch Deutsch,

Type of company: Manufacturer,

Certified: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

The company was founded in 1872 and is certified according to ISO 9001. Since its founding the company VAG-Armaturen GmbH has evolved into an international company with а leading market position and а portfolio of innovative products.

  • Products & Services
Check valves with counterweight
Plunger valves
Check valves
Slide valves
Backflow prevention valves
Venting valves
Diaphragm shut-off valves
Float valves
Control valves
Diaphragm backflow prevention valves