Schubert Tacke GmbH & Co. KG

Gießereistr. 4
42551 Velbert, Germany
+49 (0)2051 28560
+49 (0)2051 285611


Distribution area: Switzerland, Austria, Germany,

Correspondence: Deutsch Deutsch,

Type of company: Trading company,

As a trading company of tools tools for drilling, milling and turning, the company offers a wide range of interesting products and services.

  • Products & Services
Drilling and thread milling cutters
Sawing tools
Step drills
Conical drill bits
Core drills
Twist drill bits
Abrasive belts
Thread mills
Safety boots
Safety sandals
Weatherproof bib overalls
Weatherproof jackets
Weatherproof clothing
Safety goggles
Banded ear protection
First aid kit
Fire blankets
Soft shell jackets
Protective gloves