Lückmann Pumpen-Center GmbH

Marie-Curie-Str. 3
49134 Wallenhorst, Germany
+49 (0)5407 8737-0
+49 (0)5407 8737-10

Webseite: www.lueckmann-anlagenbau.de

Distribution area: Germany,

Correspondence: Deutsch Deutsch,

Type of company: Trading company,

Lückmann Pumpen-Center GmbH was founded in 1987. As a trading company of pumps and plants, the company offers a wide range of products and services.

  • Products & Services
Switch cabinets
Flow Sensors
Level sensors
Safety valves
Gate valves
Backflow prevention valves
Water scoop pumps
Pressure boosting pumps
Well pumps
Wastewater pumps