Industrie Plastiche Lombarde S.p.A.

Via L. Da Vinci 13C
I-21023 Besozzo, Italy
+39 (0)332 770252
+39 (0)332 970792


Distribution area: worldwide,

Correspondence: Italiano Italiano, English English,

Type of company: Manufacturer,

Certified: GMP - ISO 9001

Industrie Plastiche Lombarde S.p.A. was founded in 1975. As a manufacturer of flexible hoses of polyurethane, thermoplastic rubbers and Biovinyl it offers a wide range of interesting products and services which suites the specific needs of the end users. IPL supplies also complete slutions of hoses and fittings which can be of stainless steel as well as of other materials.

  • Products & Services
Thermoplastic tubes
Polyurethane tubes
Abrasion-resistant hoses
Electrically conductive hoses
Fuel hoses
Hoses in accordance with TRBS 2153
Industrial hoses
Suction hoses
Screw couplings
Hot air hoses