Hoffmann GmbH Qualitätswerkzeuge

Haberlandstr. 55
81241 München, Germany
+49 (0)89 8391-0
+49 (0)89 8391-89

Webseite: www.hoffmann-group.com

Distribution area: worldwide,

Correspondence: Русский Русский, Svenska Svenska, Suomi Suomi, Slovenščina Slovenščina, Polski Polski, Français Français, Español Español, English English, Deutsch Deutsch, Dansk Dansk,

Type of company: Manufacturer,

Certified: DIN EN ISO 9001 & VDA 6.4

Hoffmann GmbH Qualitätswerkzeuge was founded in 1919. In the year 2009 the company employed more than 2000 employees. As a manufacturer of machine tools, the company offers a wide range of innovative products and services. Today the Hoffmann GmbH Qualitätswerkzeuge is a leading company in the development and manufacture of hand tools. The DIN EN ISO 9001 & VDA 6.4 certification ensures an internationally recognized quality management system with standardized processes.

  • Products & Services
Miller cutters
Clamping tools
Abrasive grinding tools
Gripping pliers
Mechanics pliers
Tin snips
Professional knives
Akku spanners
Saw blades
Rough grinding wheels
Thread cutters
Face mills
Copy milling cutters
End mills
Dial indicators
Feeler gauges
Industrial scales
Spirit level