Diving compressors

As a manufacturer of breathing air compressors, the company offers a wide range of interesting products and services.
Germany Manufacturer:
IDE-NewParts Compressors GmbH
83098 Brannenburg, Germany
Distribution area: worldwide
The company Lenhardt & Wagner GmbH was founded in 1975 and has focused on the development and manufacture of compressors for a variety of specialized areas.
Germany Manufacturer:
Lenhardt & Wagner GmbH
68623 Lampertheim, Germany
Distribution area: worldwide
The Bauer Compressors Group, founded 1946, builds high pressure systems that are characterised by innovative technical solutions and quality. BAUER supplies a complete range of ...
Germany Manufacturer:
Bauer Comp Holding AG
81479 München, Germany
Distribution area: worldwide
Diving compressors often are given a denotation like diving compressor, breathing air compressor, breathing air compressors or respiratory air compressor.

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