Baer GmbH

Königsberger Str. 18-22
69469 Weinheim, Germany
+49 (0)6201 65595
+49 (0)6201 63135


Distribution area: Germany,

Correspondence: Deutsch Deutsch,

Type of company: Trading company,

As a trading company of machine tools, the company offers a wide range of interesting products and services.

  • Products & Services
Hammer drill bits
Steel drill bits
Auger bits
Framework drill bits
Slot drills
Slot cutters
Diamond socket cutters
Hole cutters
Conical drill bits
Screw taps
Radius cutters
Side milling cutters
Angle milling cutters
Shell end mill
Angle cutters
Wood drills
Metal drills
Circular saw blades
Hole saws
Metal band saws