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Global Industry Directories

Industrial Products – more than 340 Mio. native speakers & up to 1.000 Mio.
Industrieprodukte – over 105 Mio. native speakers & 80 Mio. non-natives.
Produits industriels – 160 Mio. native speakers & all together up to 500 Mio. speakers.
Productos industriales – 388 Mio. native speakers & 59 Mio. non-natives.
Промышленная продукция – 163,8 Mio. native speakers & 114 Mio. non-natives.
工业产品 – 1.3 billion people in the world speak Chinese.

Industrial products in 22 categories

Agriculture & Food Industry
Automation & Control Technology
Building Materials & Construction Machines
Chemical & Synthetic Products
Contract Manufacturing & Industrial Services
Drive Engineering, Gearboxes & Motors
Electrical, Electronics & Sensors
Factory Equipment & Workshop Requirements
Furniture & home decor
Information Technology & Telecommunications
Laboratory & Medical Technology
Machine tools
Machines & Production equipment
Measuring Tools & Testing Technology
Office Equipment & Supplies
Packaging, Shipping & Logistics
Plumbing, Solar & Environmental Technologies
Pumps, Valves & Compressors
Semi-finished Products & Vendor parts
Textiles Clothing & Jewellery
Vehicle & Traffic Engineering

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